Born of Hope - Full Movie : English [2009]

In the late Third Age, Sauron's power is increasing, and he has sent his Orcs to seek out the remnants of the bloodline of Elendil, kept alive in the Dúnedain.
Dirhael, his wife Ivorwen and their daughter Gilraen are fleeing from
an attack on their village when they are ambushed by Orcs on a forest
road, and saved by a group of rangers led by Arathorn. Not having any
place safer to go, the refugees go with Arathorn to Taurdal, the village
led by his father and Chieftain of the Dúnedain, Arador.
While there, Arathorn and Arador ponder the Orcs' motives after finding
various pieces of jewelry on their bodies. During her stay in Taurdal,
Gilraen falls in love with Arathorn.

In light of the attacks on surrounding settlements, Arador leads his
forces on a campaign against the Orcs in the area in an attempt to
restore peace to the region. Meanwhile, he sends Arathorn separately in
an attempt to determine the meaning behind the attacks. Both are
successful, and Arathorn discovers the orcs are serving Sauron, who
seeks the Ring of Barahir.
Arathorn and Gilraen receive Arador's blessing to be wed, but Arathorn
cannot summon the courage to ask Dirhael for his daughter's hand. Arador
is summoned to Rivendell
to seek Elrond's council, and the wedding is postponed until his
return. Arathorn eventually confronts Dirhael, and receives permission
to marry his daughter. Arathorn and Gilraen are married.

A year later, Arador is killed by a hill troll in the Coldfells, making Arathorn the chieftain of the Dúnedain. Gilraen becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, Aragorn. Taurdal knows peace for a while, until Elladan and Elrohir come with news from Rivendell. Elrond
has sensed that danger is once again threatening the region, and they
request that Gilraen and Aragorn be brought back to Rivendell for
safekeeping, as is the tradition with all Dúnedain heirs to the chiefdom.
Before Arathorn and Gilraen can come to a decision, orcs attack the
village. They are beaten off, however, many Rangers fall, and Arathorn's
closest friend, Elgarain, is mortally wounded while defending Gilraen.
Arathorn then leads the remaining Rangers in pursuit of the stragglers.
They are successful, but Arathorn is mortally wounded in the process.
Without a chieftain capable of leading them, the Dúnedain abandon
Taurdal and go into hiding in small secret settlements in the forests of
Rhudaur, while the Elven twins, Elladan and Elrohir, bring Aragorn with his mother Gilraen to Rivendell, and safety.

Cast & Crew

Directed byKate Madison
Produced byKate Madison

Assistant producer:

Aaron Greenwood
Written byScreenplay:

Paula DiSante (as Alex K. Aldridge)

Based on the writings of

J. R. R. Tolkien

Additional writing:

Christopher Dane

Kate Madison

Matt Wood
StarringChristoper Dane

Beth Aynsley

Danny George

Kate Madison

Andrew McDonald

Philippa Hammond

Iain Marshall

Howard Corlett
Music byTobias Bublat

Adam Langston

Jacob Shelby

Kevin Webster

Rob Westwood

Peter Bateman

Arjan Kiel

Toby and Cody McClure

Martin Westlake
CinematographyNeill Phillips
Editing byChristopher Dane

Kate Madison
StudioActors at Work Productions
Release date(s)

  • 1 December 2009

Running time71 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

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