Kaante [Full Movie] | Hindi [2002]

The movie is narrated by Lucky Ali, as Mak. The six main characters are detained by the LAPD, and interrogated about stealing a truck full of laptops and its whereabouts. All six are detained for about a day, where their deep antipathy towards the police department, for arresting them without any apparent evidence against all of them, and just because the witnesses had seen a South Asian at work, grows into a daring plot. Sparked by "Major" and blown up by "Ajju", who asks them to meet him in his club, they all hatch a plan to rob the bank in which holds the payroll for the LAPD. In return, Ajju reveals that he was the truck stealer and splits the money with all. Everyone goes about their normal life after that, in which it is revealed the personal troubles all face. Marc is a bouncer who hates the way his lover, a club-dancer, has to live and decides to rescue her from the club owner Cyrus, by paying him the required money.

Ajju is a club owner who is facing his own problems handling the club and has to lease it out. He also has an ongoing spat with Marc about his girlfriend. Major has a sick wife who he has to look after by supplying her with medicine and injections. Andy is a young, intelligent, software engineer who is having problems with his job and is in the middle of a divorce and custody dispute with his wife. Major knows that Andy is the most important member of the group as he is the only one who can hack the bank's computer system. Mak and Bali are two drug-peddlers who live off the street selling and buying illicit drugs for a drug lord. They first meet when Bali is being chased by some undercover policemen and meets Mak in alley where he is adjusting something in his car. He agrees to save him only if he splits his loot. They agree to work as partners on those terms from then on.

The six characters meet on a hotel rooftop where they construct their plan and arrange for arms, ammunition, vehicles and gadgets. They do some reconnaissance around the bank and two days before the robbery, Major calls up everyone to surprise them, telling them the robbery is to take place the next day. On the day of the robbery, they meet unexpected visitors in a SWAT team waiting for them outside the bank. They are engaged in gunfight during which Mak takes a bullet for Major. They all escape and meet at their hideout, however, they realize that someone might have betrayed them to police and realize that the police might know about their hideout as well. Mak, who was hit, is not allowed to be taken to the hospital, and Major treats his wound with some alcohol. They all have verbal scuffle after which, Ajju, reveals he had kidnapped the Police Chief. They interrogate him and get to know that one among them, was an undercover cop. This strikes terror among them and they all decide to bring the whole stolen amount to their hideout. On the process, they meet a number of surprises. Major finds out that his wife had died. Ajju befriends Marc and tells him to elope with his girlfriend. Marc finds out that Ajju was feigning his inability to speak English. When they return, they find Bali dead, killed by Mak because Bali was being inhuman in his interrogation of the Police Chief. Ajju realizes Mak to be the informer. Major defends Mak because he saved him during the gunfight at the bank. They all arrive at a Mexican stand-off, with Andy as the viewer. He retreats and runs away with the bags. They all kill each other, during which Major apologizes to Mak, for not saving him. In reply, Mak apologizes saying he was just doing his duty. Major realizes his mistake and shoots the already dying Mak in the head. Marc's girlfriend is shown waiting for him at the airport and Andy is shown at the end driving off the highway pursued by a Police helicopter. It is ascertained that he also died as all of them are, narrated by Mak, to have met in hell.

Crew & Cast

Directed bySanjay Gupta
Produced byPritish Nandy Communications
Film Club Limited
Larry Mortoff
Sanjay Sippy
Written bySanjay Gupta
Narrated byLucky Ali
StarringAmitabh Bachchan
Sanjay Dutt
Sunil Shetty
Mahesh Manjrekar
Lucky Ali
Kumar Gaurav
Malaika Arora
Namrata Singh Gujral
Rati Agnihotri
Isha Koppikar
Music byAnand Raj Anand
Lucky Ali
CinematographyKurt Brabbee
Editing byBunty Nagi
Distributed byWhite Feather Films
Release date(s)December 20, 2002
Running time152 minutes

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