Cheluvina Chiththara - Full Movie : Kannada [2011]

An ordinary mechanic Madesha (Comedy Time Ganesh) is poverty stricken.
Like how effortlessly he gets ready the two wheelers his life is not
similar to it. He falls in love with school going affluent Aishwarya
(Amoolya) and the reason for this love is not strong enough. Obviously
it is opposed by the elders of Aishwarya family. According to audience
expectations both of them run away from home. They get the help of Komal
in the city and in the registrar office producing fake documents they
get married. What happens later is the very strong opposition from
Amoolya's parents. Beaten black and blue Madesha cries for release of
his wife but on the other side Amoolya wish for safety of Madesha and
she is ready to do anything for it. The parents of Amoolya ask her to
remove the sacred Mangalasutra in exchange of Madesha's life. After two
years we see on screen Madesha going mad. Amoolya with a child and
husband is completely disturbed. Mad Madesha is given shelter in their
house at the end.

About this movie

Genres: Indian Cinema, Drama, Romance

Language: Kannada
Running time: 2:29:21
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: Jun 22, 2007

Cast & Crew


  1. Ganesh

  2. Amoolya


  1. S.Narayan


  1. S.Narayan


  1. S.Narayan

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