Style - Full Movie : Hindi [2001]

The film revolves round two slap-happy college students, Bantu (Sharman Joshi) and Chantu (Sahil Khan), who stand out in the college for their expertise in ragging and playing pranks, and ability to outfox others.

As their college life nears an end, the duo begin to realize that they need to start getting more serious about their life and career. Realising that they are not cut out for a life of struggle and hard work, Bantu comes up with an idea to trick two rich girls into marrying them so that they can spend their lives comfortably. They then focus their attention on rich teenyboppers Sheena (Riya Sen) and Rani (Shilpi Mudgal) and set about wooing the two girls to win their love.

A mysterious woman named Nikki Malhotra (Tara Deshpande) enters the scene, and pretty soon Chantu and Bantu get embroiled in a murder mystery.The film ends with death of Nikki Malhotra.

Cast & Crew

Director  :  N. Chandra

Producer :  N. Chandra

Starring   : Sharman Joshi, Sahil Khan, Riya Sen, Shilpi Mudgal

Music by : Sanjeev Darshan

Country   : India

Language : Hindi/Urdu

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