Prithvi - Full Movie : Kannada [2010]

Prithvi Kumar is an honest young IAS Officer who get to work as District Commissioner for Bellary District. His main aim is to eradicate the ongoing corruption in the District and stick to his principles, Honesty and Corruptionless administration.

Once he take over the office, he will be taken aback knowing the fact the common people of the area are drinking the contaminated water daily that is polluted by unstoppable illegal mining companies. Due to contaminated water, he notices, people falling ill and foresees the future may be very critical in case the people continue to have the same water for drinking.

His next mission is to find out the reason behind polluted water and seizes all illegal mining companies around Bellary with no mercy. As a result, Bellary Mining Lords decide to warn the IAS Officer and when they understand Prithvi is adamant and hellbent on his mission, try to kill him.

How Prithvi reacts to Bellary Mining Lords conspiracy, even dare to question Government's decision and be successful in his mission against illegal minin companies is the further story of the film .

Cast & Crew

Directed byJacob Varghese
Produced byRajakumar N. S.

Soorappa Babu
StarringPuneet Rajkumar

Parvati Menon

Music byManikanth Kadri
Release date(s)

  • 23 April 2010


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