Okkadu - Full Movie : Telugu [2003]

Obul Reddy (Prakash Raj) is a factionist in Kurnool. He falls in love
with Swapna (Bhumika). Obul Reddy kills Swapna's brother (Achyut) when
he passed a remark about the age difference between Obul Reddy and
Swapna. Obul Reddy also kills another brother of Swapna. Horrified by
the impending danger, father of Swapna gives her certificates and money
and asks Swapna to go to her uncle's place in USA. Obul Reddy catches
her when she starts traveling.Ajay (Mahesh Babu)
is a Kabaddi player and is the son of an Assistant Commissioner of
Police (Mukesh Rishi). At this juncture, Ajay - who is in Kurnool to
play Kabaddi games - rescues Swapna from the hands of Obul Reddy and
takes her to Hyderabad. Ajay takes Swapna to his house and hides her in
his room. Ajay, with the help of friends, arranges passport, visa and
flight tickets for Swapna.Mean while, the Home Minister (Rajan P Dev)
who happens to be the brother of Obul Reddy asks ACP to search for
Swapna and the guy who has taken away. When ACP realizes that it's his
own son who did the crime, Ajay and Swapna runs away from his home and
hides in Charminar.The rest of the story depends on how Obul Reddy traps
the couple again and how Ajay emerges victorious.

About this movie

Genres: Indian Cinema, Action & Adventure, Drama

Language: English
Running time: 2:36:07
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: Jan 15, 2003
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Mahesh Babu

  2. Bhumika Chawla


  1. Gunasekhar


  1. M.S.Raju


  1. Gunasekhar

  2. Paruchuri Brothers

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