Vaana - Full Movie : Telugu [2008]

Abhi (Vinay) falls for the charms of Nandini (Meera Chopra)
in Hyderabad. One day he goes for a wedding with his mother to
Anantagiri and he finds that Nandini is daughter of his mother's
friends. He proposes love to her but the twist is that it is her wedding
that is taking place in two days. When she finally realizes how he
loves her and accepts his love, there is another twist.

About this movie

Genres: Indian Cinema, Drama, Romance

Language: English
Running time: 2:13:40
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: Jan 15, 2008
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)


Cast & Crew


  1. Vinay rai

  2. Meera Chopra


  1. M.S.Raju


  1. M.S.Raju


  1. M.S.Raju

  2. Paruchuri brothers

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