The Last Monk - Full Movie : English [2010]

A Shaolin
monk journeys to New York City to care for his orphaned nephew, and is
forced to compete in a series of underground fights in order to rescue
his friends from vicious Russian gangsters. Li Long lives a peaceful
existence outside of society, where he works for years to become a
master of the martial arts. Upon receiving word that his brother in the
U.S. has been killed in a car accident, Li moves to the East Coast, and
becomes the primary caretaker for his young nephew. Meanwhile, Li and
his best friend Dave open a dojo in order to make ends meet. By the time
Li realizes the business was funded with a loan from the Russian mob
it's too late, and Dave has been abducted. Dave's time is running out
fast, and now in order to rescue him, Li must rise through the ranks of
an illicit fight ring by defeating a series of ruthless contenders -
each more vicious than the last. 

About this movie

Genres: Drama, Indian Cinema

Language: English
Running time: 1:41:32
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: 2010
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Rachana Shah

  2. Sonam Gorky

  3. Jimeesh Gandhi

  4. Zhang Li

  5. Kristin Dougherty

  6. Justin Morck


  1. Sudipto Sen

  2. LiPeng Zhang

  3. Li Zhang


  1. N.Shiva Rao / Prem Shetty

  2. Li Zhang

  3. Jason Stein

  4. Jianshu Zhang


  1. Sudipto Sen

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