Mungaru Male - Full Cinema : Kannada [2006]

Synopsis: It is Preetham's journey of love throughout. Born in an
affluent family he sees the beautiful Nandini but unknowingly falls in a
pit. His going is pitiable. That is because he values the emotions of
elders. In the meantime he gives a 'laugh riot'. That is Preetham's
nature. He never sits idle, makes pranks keeps you happy. His style of
address is very natural and he is a boy next door quality. He is in love
with Nandini. It is love at first sight. He is in the picturesque
locale of Sakleshpur in the house of Nandini that too on the occasion of
her marriage that is all fixed. He is in a fix what to do. He tries
hard and he is almost very near to success. But the boy of butter nature
values the emotions. His mother slaps him on the face for loving
Nandini and tames him. Nandin's mother comes and begs with Preetham to
save her dull situation as he is the one who can bring cheer in her. On
the other hand Nandini's father Major Subbaiah a colonel in the edge of
his life because of a bullet hit to his heart from the back of his heart
in the war urge Preetham to give security for his daughter.

About this movie

Running time: 1:12:22
Partner rating: GREEN
Released: Dec 29, 2006

Cast & Crew


  1. Ganesh

  2. Sanjana Gandhi


  1. Yogaraj Bhat


  1. E.Krishnappa

  2. B.Gangadhar


  1. Yogaraj Bhat

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