Kissing Cousins - Full Movie : English [2008]

Written and directed by Amyn Kaderali, Kissing Cousins is a
romantic comedy about a cynical bachelor, Amir (Samrat Chakrabarti), who
decides to appease his relationship-minded friends by recruiting his
beautiful British cousin, Zara (Rebecca Hazlewood), to pretend to be his

This Indian-American production boasts supporting turns by
David Alan Grier, Jaleel White (Family Matters' Urkel), and Gerry Bednob (best known for his scene-stealing role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin).


About this movie

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Language: English
Running time: 1:38:45
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: 2008
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Samrat Chakrabarti

  2. Rebecca Hazlewood

  3. Gerry Bednob

  4. David Alan Grier

  5. Zack Ward

  6. Jaleel White

  7. Lauren Stamile

  8. P.J. Byrne

  9. Anoush Nevart

  10. Manish Goyal

  11. Rachel C. Smith

  12. Nikki McCauley


  1. Amyn Kaderali


  1. Manish Goyal

  2. Amyn Kaderali

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