Jumbo [Animated] Full Movie : Hindi [2008]

Jumbo is a Bollywood animated movie with voices of Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Rajpal Yadav, Dimple Kapadia and Gulshan Grover.
Jumbo is the story of a young elephant called Jumbo and his journey in
search of his father who he has never met. Taunted by other elephants
because he is fatherless, Jumbo wanders off to find his father who he is
told is a war elephant for the king. On his trip, he is captured by a
raiding party. While trying to escape, he befriends a boy prince who has
been ransomed to his foes. The prince has a calming influence on Jumbo
and somehow helps him escape. A weakened Jumbo then comes upon a village
where humans and elephants are working together. He befriends a
beautiful young elephant cow. However, he is chained up until he is
tamed. Under the training of a wise, old mahout, Jumbo becomes bigger
and stronger. A local warlord comes around annually to collect taxes
from the village. Fed up of his increasing greed, the villagers rebel
against him. In the fight where the humans and elephants work together,
the warlord and his beasts are eventually defeated. The call then goes
out from the king for elephants for his army. Jumbo is taken to the
palace. There, he is seen by his mother, who calls out to him. Jumbo
goes wild in trying to break free from his chains to meet his mother.
The King notices this, and remembers Jumbo from his childhood. The king
is able to calm Jumbo, and from then on Jumbo serves as the personal war
elephant of the king. In battle, Jumbo meets a giant war elephant with
fiery eyes that was responsible for the death of his father, and Jumbo
gets a chance to extract his revenge and bring back the lost glory of
the kingdom.

About this movie

Running time: 1:28:32
Partner rating: GREEN

Released: Dec 24, 2008
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Akshay Kumar

  2. Lara Dutta

  3. Rajpal Yadav

  4. Dimple Kapadia

  5. Gulshan Grover

  6. Asrani


  1. Kompin Kemgumnird


  1. Percept Picture Company


  1. Kompin Kemgumnird

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