Hate Story - Full Movie : Hindi [2012]

The Story of the film revolves around Kaavya and her transformation from
a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker and her revenge where
she is exploited both professionally and sexually. Kaavya, who doesn't
have anything to lose anymore, trained by the best escort, uses her
sexuality as a lethal weapon to rip Siddharth apart by using everyone
connected to him one way or another, like 'an unstoppable force meets an
immovable object .'Thus begins the journey of Hatred and brutal
vengeance. This affects everyone around Kaavya, including her family and
her best friend Vicky who secretly loves her, and different people
coming in the path of her quest.

About this movie

Running time: 2:19:23
Partner rating: A

Released: Apr 20, 2012
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Nikhil Dwivedi

  2. Paoli Dam

  3. Gulshan Devaiah

  4. Mohan Kapoor


  1. Vivek Agnihotri


  1. Vikram Bhatt


  1. Vikram Bhatt

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